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Chemistry for Students of Mechanical Engineering

Lectures take place in Seminar Room 401, Institut für Anorganische Chemie (Geb. 30.45) on Tuesdays during the Winter Semester, 15:45 – 17:15. The first lecture in WS 2014/15 is on Tuesday October 28th, 2014. Since there is a substantial amount of lecture material to get through relative to the number of lectures, it is really helpful if students can get from the ID to the Institute as quickly as possible for the
lectures! If we always have to wait 15-20 minutes for latecomers before starting each lecture, this is the equivalent of losing over two
complete lectures during the semester...

The lecturer is Dr. Christopher Anson:
Room 228, Institut für Anorganische Chemie
Phone 42975
Email: christopher.anson-at-kit.edu

The course content is as follows:

Structure of Matter

  • elementary particles and elements
  • electrons and atomic orbitals
  • the periodic table and chemical properties of the main groups
  • ionic bonding
  • covalent bonding
  • metallic bonding
  • classes of materials

Chemical Reactions

  • chemical reactions, stoichiometry and the mole
  • reaction thermodynamics
  • reaction kinetics
  • catalysis
  • acid-base reactions
  • redox reactions and electrochemistry
  • accumulators and fuel cells
  • electrolysis
  • corrosion

Inorganic Chemistry

  • technical and industrial chemistry of non-metals
  • technical and industrial chemistry of metals

Organic Chemistry

  • sigma- and pi-bonding in carbon-containing compounds
  • separation and characterisation of organic molecules
  • hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, amines and aromatics
  • combustion of fuels
  • polymers


A script for the lectures is available from the ID Student Office. The course runs in parallel with the German-language version, with which
it shares a bilingual Klausur (written examination), which normally takes place at the beginning of March, shortly after the end of the
lectures. A second examination is offered in September for students who failed the first exam.

This Semester, the Klausur will take place on Monday April 4th, 2016. The time of the Klausur and the Hörsaal in which you will take the exam will be announced later (see below). Registration is possible up until March 27th 2016, but please register well before this, since no registrations are accepted after the deadline!

Up-to-date information about the Klausur (dates, times of the Klausur, which lecture theatre you will take the exam in, when to register, when you can look at your paper after the exam, etc.) is given on the webpage of the Institute for Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry (ITCP), who are responsible for the German-language lectures and for the Klausur:

Scroll down past the information concerning the lectures, and you will find the dates etc. of the Klausurs. This is mostly in German (although
some ID-relevant parts are now also in English) – get one of the students from previous years to help you if necessary! Below is a
translation of the general information given there, which I have expanded in places:

General Information about the Klausur (Examination)
A three hour Klausur takes place in the Winter Semester shortly after the end of the lectures, and also at the end of the Summer Semester just before the start of the lectures in the following Winter Semester.

Anmeldung (registration) for the Klausur is only possible online (https://studium.kit.edu/). This website is in German, but you will need to get used to this, as it is now the only way to register for examinations at KIT – get help from students who speak german if needed! The date and time of the Klausur will be announced in good time on the ITCP webpage, together with the deadline for registration. No registration will be accepted after the deadline, and this is strictly enforced. If you forget to register before the deadline, there will be nothing I can do. Both the German- and English-language Klausurs are run by the ITCP, so I have no influence here. Since there are at least 700 students taking the German version of the Klausur, Dr. Schoch at the ITCP has already got more than enough organisation work to do, and certainly has no time to sort out students who forgot to register by the deadline...

Abmeldung (de-registration): Students may withdraw from the Klausur using the online system until the registration deadline. After this deadline, it is still possible to deregister up until the start of the Klausur, but only in writing. Two copies of a short note giving your name and Matrikelnummer and stating clearly that you wish to withdraw from the Klausur should be given either to Dr. Schoch (Room 009, Geb. 11.21) or at the start of the Klausur (before the exam papers are given out) to one of the invigilators. One copy of your note will be signed and given back to you. Students who withdraw from a Klausur in the correct way will be removed from the list of candidates; it will be as if they had not registered for it in the first place.

The questions in the Klausur will be generally similar in content and style to those in previous Klausurs, although small changes may occur
when a different lecturer from ITCP takes over the lectures. A periodic table is provided in the examination paper.

No unauthorised resources (e.g. calculators, lecture notes, textbooks etc.) may be used during the Klausur. Any attempt to use such unauthorised resources will be considered as cheating, and will lead to immediate exclusion from the Klausur and a mark of 5,0 (fail). ID students may use a dictionary (mother tongue – English) but this may not contain any handwritten notes. Paper is provided – do not bring any of your own!

Do not forget to bring your Studentausweis (KIT student identity card) to the Klausur, as you will need to show it to the invigilators. Mobile telephones must be turned off during the Klausur. Coats and bags must be left at the front of the lecture hall before the Klausur begins. You may bring something to drink and small snacks (e.g. bars of chocolate) to the Klausur.

Previous examination papers (with and without answers) can be downloaded here:





October 2012 without answers with answers
February 2013 without answers with answers
October 2013 without answers with answers
March 2014 without answers with answers
September 2014 without answers
March 2015 without answers
October 2015 without answers

Please always attempt the paper without answers first!