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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Division Molecular Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Frank Breher

Engesserstr. 15
Temporär im Gebäude 30.44 (Raum 701)
76131 Karlsruhe

office +49-(0)721-608 448 55
Email breher(at)
X @BreherGroup

Frank Breher performed his Ph.D. studies at the Universities of Oldenburg and Marburg (10.1998 to 03.2001) under the supervision of Prof. W. Uhl. He spent his postdoctoral period in the research group of Prof. H. Grützmacher at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland (DFG fellowship), where he became an independent researcher in 2002 supported by a Liebig fellowship. In 2005 he accepted a faculty position at the Universität Karlsruhe (TH) and became Assistant Professor in January 2006. Subsequently, he was promoted to W3-Professor for Inorganic Chemistry at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in April 2010. His research interests centre around the synthesis, structure, bonding and reactivity of organometallic and coordination compounds of unusual Main Group element cages/clusters and transition metal complexes. Spectroscopic techniques including cyclic voltammetry, EPR spectroscopy, and advanced NMR methods as well as density functional theory calculations are also of interest. In 2016, he was awarded the faculty teaching award. From 10.2016 to 09.2021, he was Dean of Study Affairs (Chemistry).

Emmy Noether PI

Junior Group Leader


Dr. Alexander Hinz

Geb. 11.29
Labor-Modulbau Paulckeplatz
Paulckeplatz 1
76131 Karlsruhe

office +49-(0)721-608 420 93
Email alexander.hinz(at)

Alexander Hinz obtained his Diplom under the supervision of Prof. Martin Köckerling at the University of Rostock with studies of transition-metal-containing ionic liquids in 2012. For his doctoral studies, he joined the group of Prof. Axel Schulz at the same university and explored new group 15 singlet biradicaloids and their reactivity. In 2015, he seized the opportunity to join Prof. Jose Goicoechea’s group at the University of Oxford as a post-doctoral researcher, where he investigated the chemistry of heavy analogues of the cyanate anion. Since April 2018, he has been recipient of a Liebig Fellowship of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie and, afterwards, obtained an Emmy-Noether fellowship of the German Science Foundation. He is developing sterically highly demanding substituents for the stabilisation of terminal main-group and transition-metal nitrides as well as low-coordinate main-group species. For more details, please click here.


Members of the Breher Research Group (random order)

The labs are now "temporarily" located in Geb. 11.29, Labor-Modulbau Paulckeplatz, Paulckeplatz 1


Pascal Weisenburger
lab 009 +49-(0)721-608 487 79
Email pascal.weisenburger(at)
Project of the MA thesis “Ambiphilic metallacycles for small molecule activation”


Melina Dilanas
lab 009 +49-(0)721-608 487 79
Email melina.dilanas(at)
“Ambiphilic Molecules and Frustrated Lewis Pairs”



Verena Höhn
lab 004 +49-(0)721-608 433 94
Email verena.hoehn(at)
“New Pincer Ligands and Luminescent Complexes”


Johannes Werner (with Prof. A.-N. Unterreiner, IPC)
lab 009 +49-(0)721-608 454 39
Email johannes.werner(at)
Interdisciplinary PhD study with the Unterreiner lab on "Light-activated Organometallic Group 13 Complexes -- Fundamentals and Applied Aspects”


Jonas Wenzel
lab 009 +49-(0)721-608 454 39
Email jonas.wenzel(at)
“Low-Valent Main Group Compounds for Small Molecule Activation and Visilbe-Light Active Group 13 Element Complexes”



Perrine Wingering
lab 004 +49-(0)721-608 433 94
Email perrine.wingering(at)
“f-Element Coordination Chemistry”


MA- and PhD students of the Hinz Research Group (The "Hinzions")



Pauline Hädinger
lab 003 +49-(0)721-608 428 79
Email pauline.haedinger(at)
“Main Group Carbazolyl Compounds”


Michelle Kaiser
lab 003 +49-(0)721-608 428 79
Email michelle.kaiser2(at)
"Low-Coordinate Transition Metal Complexes”
Maximilian Müller
lab 003 +49-(0)721-608 428 79
Email maximilian.mueller(at)
“Low Valent Silicon Chemistry”


Lucas Winkler
lab 003 +49-(0)721-608 428 79
Email uuvfn(at)
MA-Thesis “Transition Metal Carbazolyl Complexes”



Visiting scientists

Prof. Dr. Ignacio Ferdández de las Nieves
University of Almería, Spain

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Former members (PhD students and postdocs; arranged in chronological order)

Dr. Ivo Krummenacher

PhD Thesis “Ambidente Ligandensysteme basierend auf Pyrazolylverbindungen der Gruppe 14”

After his PhD, Ivo joined the group of Prof. C.C. Cummins (MIT) as a postdoc, supported by a fellowship of the SNF. Subsequently, he went to the UBC Vancouver for a postdoctoral stay in the group of Prof. D. P. Gates. Ivo is now “akademischer Rat” at the University of Würzburg.

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Dr. Dastaghiri Reddy

Visiting scientist (AvH fellowship) from the Pondycherry University, India






Dr. Istemi Kuzu

PhD Thesis “Metallorganische Chemie und Koordinationschemie von ambidenten Ligandensystemen”

Istemi is now “akademischer Rat” at the Philipps University of Marburg

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Dr. Dominik Nied

“PhD Thesis “Metalla[1.1.1]propellane der schweren Gruppe 14-Elemente”

After his PhD, Dominik joined the group of Mike Fryzuk (UBC) as a postdoc, supported by a fellowship of the AvH. Dominik is now working at the HeidelbergCement company.





Dr. Jens Meyer

PhD Thesis “Koordinationsverhalten von ambidenten Tris(pyrazolyl)methaniden: Untersuchungen an Gruppe 2 und 12 Komplexen”

After finishing his PhD, Jens joined the Stoe company.





Dr. Felix Armbruster

PhD thesis “Koordinationsverhalten von ambidenten, Silizium-basierten Liganden”

Felix is now working at the Novartis company.






Dr. Matthias Löble

PhD thesis “Vergleichende Studien zwischen Lanthanoid- und Actinoid-Koordinationsverbindungen”

After his PhD, Matthias joined the group of Stosh Kozimor (LANL) as a postdoc, subsequently went to the “Projekt Competence E” (Karlsruhe) and recently started at Freudenberg New Technologies.





Dr. Pascual Oña Burgos

Postdoc (AvH-fellow)

After his AvH-postdoctoral stay in Karlsruhe, Pascual joined the group of Don Tilley (UC Berkeley), supported by a Marie Curie fellowship. He recently went back to Spain in order to start his independent academic career. All the best!





Dr. Ina Trapp

PhD thesis “Coordination chemistry of multidentate ligand systems”

Ina is now working at Roche Diagnostics.






Dr. Sandra González-Gallardo


After being a postdoc in our group, Sandra spent some time at the University of Saarbrücken and is now Associate Editor for ChemCatChem.




Dr. Steffen Styra

PhD thesis “Synthese und Charakterisierung von Diphosphamethanid-Metallkomplexen und Anwendungen zur Spaltung von molekularem Wasserstoff sowie Synthese von stabilen Radikalverbindungen mit π-elektrophilen Carbenen”

After his PhD, Steffen joined the Bosch company.




Dr. Delphine Garnier

PhD thesis (KIT-UPMC Co-Tutelle) “Open-Shell Coordination Compounds based on Cyanide and Scorpionate Ligands”

After her PhD, Delphine joined the University of Stuttgart and accepted afterwards a position at the CNRS in Strasburg. All the best!




Dr. Silvia Hohnstein

PhD thesis “Vergleichende Studien zum Koordinationsverhalten tripodaler Liganden gegenüber f-Elementen sowie Synthese und Reaktivitätsstudien von neuartigen P,N-Hybridliganden”

After finishing her PhD in chemistry, Silvia started her second career in pharmacy.




Dr. Timo Augenstein

PhD thesis “Synthese und Reaktivität von schweren [1.1.1]Propellanen der Gruppe 14-Elemente und Untersuchungen an paramagnetischen Hauptgruppenelementverbindungen”

After his PhD, Timo joined the Oemeta company.




Dr. Florian Walz

PhD thesis “Koordinationsverbindungen mit 1,1’-N-Ferrocenyldiaminen sowie Synthese und Koordinationsstudien an einem Diamidogermylen[3]ferrocenophan”

Florian is now working at Süss MicroTec.



Dr. Dimitri Matioszek


After beeing an AvH postdoctoral fellow in our group (see also here), Dimitri went back to France to SNF Floerger. All the best!



Dr. Alexander Feyrer

PhD thesis “Edelmetallkomplexe von redox-aktiven Metalloliganden”

After his PhD, Alex joined the Scientific Consulting Company in Bad Kreuznach.



Dr. Eva Deck

PhD thesis “Edelmetallkomplexe von redox-aktiven Phospha[3]ferrocenophanen und deren Anwendung in der katalytischen Hydroaminierung”

After her PhD, Eva Deck joined the company Vector Informatik GmbH.


Dr. Martin Simon

PhD thesis “Synthese und Reaktivitätsstudien an Alan-substituierten Imidazolylen”

Shortly after finishing his PhD, Martin joined the Global Logistics Center of the Mercedes-Benz AG in Germersheim. All the best!


Dr. Wolfram Feuerstein

PhD thesis “Donorsubstituierte Biphenyle als nicht-palindrome Pinzettenliganden”

Shortly after finishing his PhD, Wolfram became a postdoc at the EPFL in Lausanne and then went to industry for an inspiring job. All the best!



Dr. Eric Moos

PhD thesis “Über die Synthese und Struktur ein- und mehrkerniger Amidinatkomplexe des einwertigen Rhodiums und verwandter Derivate sowie Untersuchungen ihrer Eigenschaften”

Eric is now active at KIT / FAS Please click here for more details



Dr. Michael Radius

PhD thesis “Phosphorylid-basierte Ambiphile”

Shortly after finishing his PhD, Michael went to industry for an inspiring job. All the best!





Dr. Hanna Wagner

PhD thesis “Synthese multimetallischer Komplexe mit redoxschaltbaren Ligandensystemen basierend auf N-heterocyclischen Aromaten”

Shortly after finishing her PhD, Hanna went to industry for an attractive job. All the best!




Dr. Bernhard Birenheide

PhD thesis “Neuartige mono- und multimetallische Komplexe auf Basis des Ferrocens”

Shortly after finishing his PhD, Bernhard went to industry for an attractive job. All the best!




Dr. Lea Bayer

PhD thesis “Die Diels-Alder-Reaktion als Werkzeug in der Synthese
heterobimetallischer Komplexe”

Shortly after finishing her PhD, Lea went to industry for an attractive job. All the best!




Dr. Felix Krämer

PhD thesis “Ambiphile Moleküle der Gruppen 13 und 14”

Shortly after finishing his PhD, Felix was engaged in a short industry project and went afterwards for an attractive job in industry to Berlin. All the best!

Former members (diploma / MA thesis)

Stefan Mitzinger Diploma thesis 2013

Sabrina Capper LA-Zulassungsarbeit 2011

Franziska Dorner Diploma thesis 2010

Tanja Wolfer Diploma thesis 2009

Fabian Schönle MA thesis 2023

Maxim Leskov MA thesis 2023



Older group pictures