Author: Anthony Carter Group Members | Powell Group

Powell Group

Group in 2017

Current Members

Name Position Room Email
Prof. Dr. Annie K. Powell Head of the Group 231
Dr Christopher Anson Crystallographer 228
Gertraud Amschlinger Secretary 230
Dr. Markus Schroth Technical Manager 217
Lena Friedrich Laboratory Technician
Dr. Yan Peng Post-Doc 229
Dr. Sebastian Schmidt Post-Doc 216
Dr. Krisana Peewasan Post-Doc 228
Anthony (Blue) Carter PhD Student 228
Hagen Kämmerer PhD Student 229
Thomas Ruppert PhD Student 216
Rouven Pfleger PhD Student 216
Dr. Andreas Eichhöfer Project Leader INT (KIT Nord)
Dr. Masooma Ibrahim Project Leader INT (KIT Nord)
Prof. Dr. Dieter Fenske Honorary Adviser INT (KIT Nord)
Dr. Olaf Fuhr Scientist INT (KIT Nord)
Marcel Merkel PhD Student INT (KIT Nord)
Umaira Shuaib PhD Student INT (KIT Nord)