Author: Anthony Carter Highlights | Powell Group


A W-Shaped Ga-Dy-Dy-Dy-Ga Cluster: Synthesis, Characterization, and Magnetic Properties

A platform with connections in many directions – further remarkable facets to the multifaceted methylbiquinoxen dication

A single molecule magnet to single molecule magnet transformation via a solvothermal process: Fe4Dy2 → Fe6Dy3

Lanthanides: Unraveling the Influence of Lanthanide Ions on Intra- and Inter-Molecular Electronic Processes in Fe10Ln10 Nano-Toruses

Ringing the changes in FeIII/YbIII cyclic coordination clusters

Direct observation of the role of lanthanides in stabilizing a ferromagnetic spin orientation in a weak FeIII–FeIII antiferromagnet

A self-assembled Cu(II)4 [2×2] grid with organic radicals

[LnNa(PhCO2)4] (Ln = Ho, Dy): the first examples of chiral srs 3D networks constructed using the monotopic benzoate ligand

Di-, tetra- and hexanuclear iron(III), manganese(II/III) and copper(II) complexes of Schiff-base ligands derived from 6-substituted-2-formylphenols

Concentric Archimedean polyhedra: MnIII12MnII9 aggregates linked into a cubic network

A Ferromagnetically Coupled Mn19 Aggregate with a Record S=83/2 Ground Spin State

[Al153-O)43-OH)6(μ-OH)14(hpdta)4]3− —A New Al15 Aggregate Which Forms a Supramolecular Zeotype