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strontium cyclocene “standout molecule of 2023

Readers of Chemistry & Engineering News (C&EN) elected strontium cyclocene as “standout molecule of 2023“.

In their quest for determining this year’s “most curious, wondrous, and just plain neat molecules“ their choice fell on this new type of supersize sandwich complex created by the groups of F. Weigend, M. Kappes and P. Roesky within the framework of CRC 1573 by coaxing 18 metallocene units to curve into a nanometer-scale ring (a “cyclocene“, cf. Nature paper).

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Nano Ringe
Nanorings: New Building Blocks for Chemistry

Sandwich compounds are special chemical compounds used as basic building blocks in organometallic chemistry. So far, their structure has always been linear. Recently, researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Marburg were the first to make stacked sandwich complexes form a nano-sized ring. Physical and other properties of these cyclocene structures will now be further investigated. The researchers report their findings in Nature.

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 Dr. Xiaofei Sun erhält den SWM-Förderpreis
Dr. Xiaofei Sun received the Südwestmetall Award

April 2023

The employers' association Südwestmetall honored nine young scientists from Baden-Württemberg's state universities for their outstanding scientific work of particular significance for the industrial working world and its sociopolitical framework.

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bild der henriette herz stiftung
Scout of the Henriette Herz-Scouting-Program of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


Peter Roesky was selected by the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation as Henriette Herz-Scout.



Position available

Within the Henriette Herz-Scouting-Programm of the Alexander-von Humboldt Foundation there is currently one postdoc position vacant for two years in the Roesky labs.

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2022_106_Seltenerd Verbindungen fuer Hightech Anwendungen_72dpi
Rare earth compounds for high-tech applications

We are proud that SFB 1573 "4f for Future" has been approved and we look very much forward to the exciting research that is on our agenda.

November 2022

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bild aus polymer chemistry veröffentlichung
Winner of the 2022 Spedding Award

Peter W. Roesky won the 2022 Frank H. Spedding Award in recognition of excellence and achievement in research centered on the science and technology of rare earths. 

June 2022

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